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The 3G Klub is a private members session for both guys and gals for the development and improvements in your upper body strength.  Whether you want to help strengthen your arms for cycle riding, your shoulders for carrying, your personal deadlift best or simply tone or build muscle in those general areas then The 3G Klub is for you.  

We meet every Saturday around 5:15pm for a 5:30pm start until 6:30pm for 3G upper body at Unit 13 Gym, Shiremoor.


The session will begin with a dynamic warm up will then begin, working in partnership with others for full support and encouragement.  Each session will comprise of numerous training styles including negetive/eccentric, pre/post exhaustion, muscular strength, isometric and forced reps to name but a few.  The end of the session will ensure that developmental stretching takes place before being offered your post-workout protein supplement^


Price is only £5.50 and includes all post supplements

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Class currently suspended -

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