My journey as a trainer began in 2016 when I decided I wanted to make a positive impact on the fitness industry and show people the importance of staying healthy and accountable thorough social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. I have gained insightful knowledge through my gym instructing qualification and find passion and drive for helping clients achieve short, medium and long term goals. 

I have competed in the UKBFF bodybuilding competition and throughout the past 4 years have learned a great deal about the importance of nutrition and strength training when setting goals. Through my own experience of the sport I have gained knowledge of a safe, healthy way to reduce body fat and gain muscle. I have also learned the four mandatory quarter turns in which judges look for in bikini competitors. 


Kettle bell Workouts

Strength and Conditioning 

High Intensity Interval Training

Small Group Training


Lvl 2 (QCF) Certificate in Fitness Instructing

Lvl 2 Certificate Exercise to Music

Emergency First Aid at Work