It's ok not to feel ok...

So here we are, in the middle of January already and the blues are finally making us realise that the festive season has 100% been and gone. No more excuses left to give for that extra bag of crisps you ate or the workout you persuaded yourself that you didn't have to do, then the guilt starts to kick in and you just feel so awful about yourself!

Earlier on this week, on my day off work, I woke up feeling SOOOO extremely exhausted! I had the full day off planned to get loads of things done starting with training myself at the gym, to which I thought Nahhh it's ok I could always just go a bit later on when my body decides to shake off this tiredness. So I proceeded to slob on the couch with a hot chocolate and a blanket with the fire on watching TV.

I thought to myself over and over GET UP AND GO TO THE GYM, YOU HAVE TO MUCH WORK TO DO... WHY ARE YOU SO LAZY ALL OF THE TIME... YOU DON'T DESERVE TO SIT DOWN AND REST. And the more I thought about it the more sad I became throughout the day. When I finally began to do something about it, I dragged my tired self out of the house and began the errands I promised I would do in hope that I was over thinking things too much and that id feel satisfied with what I managed to achieve for that 24 hours. But oh was I wrong.

Because I'd ran around the whole of Newcastle in such a short amount of time, or what felt like I did, I had totally forgot about the one thing I had wanted to do the most that day... Training. By this time It was too late, I had hardly eaten anything and I was so tired I just burst out crying because I was so tired to do anything else. Once my boyfriend had calmed me down It dawned on me that it was OK to be tired!

I work full time as well as attending college and training for a bikini competition.. So my body was really screaming SLOW DOWN CASEY, YOU'RE DOING TOO MUCH!

So I had a donut (or 3) put on a film and relaxed.

Once I went to bed and woke up the next day I felt a lot more like me again. Happy and healthy. Missing one day of the gym or having an extra donut isn't going to kill you! It's natural to feel down from time to time, sometimes things get in the way and LIFE JUST HAPPENS! It's OK not to feel 10/10 7 days a week. As humans we don't always get it right.. but we can try our best, and the best is what we've got to offer :) Take care, Train hard. Much Love, CLS x

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