Beginners Guide to Meal Prep

Have you ever heard of the phrase "fail to prepare, prepare to fail" ?

Well by planning out your meals for the forth coming week you have a better chance of succeeding with your nutritional goals. The beauty about meal prep is that you can't really go wrong with it, all you need is a little extra time to put a plan into action.


How many people will you be preparing meals for during the week? You need to think about how much food you can really get out of each recipe and will you be needing enough ingredients for all meals throughout the day.


From time to time we all change our minds in what we really want to eat depending on how we feel that day. Take into consideration that things like the weather, food craving and environment can make a huge impact on what you do want to eat and don't want to eat.


Don't forget to have a set budget for the ingredients you are going to buy. I find it easy to buy the majority of my groceries from shops like Aldi and lidl because they appear to be the cheapest AND the best quality! Bonus. Know what you're going into the shops for before you actually get there and then you will be less likely to over spend on unnecessary foods and snacks.

Also DON'T GO GROCERY SHOPPING WHEN YOU'RE HUNGRY. I've been a massive victim of purchasing pre packaged meals I can eat in the car on the way home.


Try out new recipes, preparing your food doesn't have to be boring! Incorporate one new recipe into your meal plan each week, if you like it great and if you don't you can always say you tried!

Slow cookers are AMAZING for having warm cooked food ready for your arrival back home from work. In the morning you just throw everything into the crock pot, turn it on and you're all done! Now you can relax knowing that you don't have to start the dinner after a long busy day! Remember that you can freeze most foods or meals, when ready to use them just defrost in the morning or the night before and you're good to go! That's another amazing point about preparing food you can re heat recipes knowing whats in them.

So now you know how to pre plan and prepare meals you just need to make it one of your priorities :) I promise it will save you calories, money, time and get the most out of your food.

If you have any tips or tricks LET US KNOW! I love finding out new ways to make life easier.

Take care,

Much love. CLS x

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