Why Diets Don't Work

Why diets don’t work!!

So just to be clear we are discussing fad diets basically anything that isn’t just a well-balanced, fully rounded source of nutrition ironically which a diet is supposed to be.

First thing to address is the fact we’ve all seen before and after photos and they show results,

‘Jim you’re clearly wrong all these diets work’

Short term, maybe some of the fads have more merit than others, let’s see why these fads sell so well to start.

What is the first thing you do when starting a new diet.

  • Buy a load of new food, shakes and weird things to sprinkle in or on food

  • Measure out these foreign things so you actually know how much you’re using

  • Follow a pre-determined plan

  • Take measurements of your body before during and after to track progress

All sounding good so far? This is the time where a friend says you should try “fantastic weightloss” and so the product is perpetually sold with little to no active marketing.

What happens when you finish though?

  • Start to add in more of your ordinary diet

  • Stop following the plan and just do the bits you like

  • Save time by not assuring things out any more....’that about the right amount’

  • Stop tracking progress and just look in the mirror and obsess with that one point you hate as a marker of progress

At this point you will probably go back to where you were at the start, before spending all that money on stuff, of which there probably is still half in the back of the cupboard for ‘next time’.

A fad diet has a prescribed time frame either it’s how long you keep up the meetings, tubs of magic powders, capsules, and gels last, mixed with you decide that there not worth the money/find them too much hassle to bother with. The second option is the plan only lasts a certain amount of time and your target passes....and now you can reward yourself for shifting all that weight by letting go a little and having that thing you deprived yourself of....just one more slice, packet.....who are we kidding, everything you craved in the last weeks/months crammed in to the next week.

“Jim it’s too hard to be good all the time!!”


So that’s not what I’m saying use the tools, learn what you’re eating and listen to your body, it actually speaks to that’s your greedy head saying you want ‘x’ your body tells you what you need.

  • Make a weekly plan...every week you

  • Manage to work 8hours a day for money work for 15mins for your health.

  • Plan to be naughty, put your treats in your plan

  • Don’t deprive yourself of everything you, what’s the point if you don’t enjoy yourself....

  • Do it appropriately having a packet of doughnuts a day every day is not a treat anymore its part of your everyday habit

  • Take time to understand food/ ask a professional for help

  • You take the car to a garage as you don’t understand how to fix it why is the machine your live in any different

  • Use the information they give you and don’t twist it Dr Atkins never advocated a fry up...

  • Track your progress regularly

  • We all have peaks and troughs as the body fluctuates don’t obsess but it should on the whole be moving in the right direction

  • As an example on a Sunday The Eden Centre takes girths as well as weight and are introducing skinfold measurements as fat loss is what is what the majority want to see so measure fat loss, not just mass. Muscle is more dense and so takes up less space while weighing the same....smaller person less jiggle but same weight...:)

  • Make it a lifestyle change not just for the beach, party, wedding, gathering involving an ex....I can go on....

If you got this far thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope this has been useful if you wish to know more about food either attend the Sunday Nutrition workshops or drop myself or any of our coaches a message


Co-owner and head trainer of the Eden Centre Newcastle

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