Tailor Made, Online Group & Personal Training

2020 has been an awful year for a lot of people due to the COVID pandemic affecting everyone's lives including their health and well-being.  When you hear many reports of fitness and exercise helping to relieve peoples mental ill health they are telling the truth.  No matter where you go for your fitness and exercise, whether it be a stroll on the beach, walking the dog or pounding the streets, It is this type of activity that will help not only in keeping active but it will help improve mental well-being. 


Here at EL-ES we can offer a range of exercise and activity workouts with our virtual group, 1-2-1 indoor and outdoor (Tier restrictions depending) and tailor made sessions on offer for you.  Why not request a tailor made programme just for you to work out at home?  Or try our online group workouts delivering a variety of strength & cardio based HIIT sessions which you can do anywhere via our Zoom link.

Virtual Zoom Session Timetable

Monday 18:30-19:30

Wednesday 18:30-19:30

Saturday 10:30-11:30

During a typical workout we use a combination of strength, conditioning, flexibility and mobility type training. We don't use any fancy machines; preferring to use the tried and tested training methods incorporating such equipment like the kettlebell, medicine balls, therabands and your own body weight